Omega 2015 US PGA Championship exhibition

August 12, Omega celebrity ambassadors, top golfer • Rory McIlroy (Rory McIlroy) and Sergio • Garcia (Sergio Garcia) Omega (OMEGA) unveiled glory Exhibition 2015 PGA Championship.
• Omega celebrity ambassadors Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia jointly unveiled • Omega 2015 US PGA Championship exhibition
US PGA Championship defending champion, world number one golfer Rory McIlroy •, World No. 10 golfer Sergio • Garcia, vice president and director of worldwide sales and Omega, Swatch Group (RaynaldAeschlimann) Extended Management Board member Mr. An Shiwen together to help out at Whistling Straits Omega (Whistling Straits) exhibitions ribbon.
After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, McIlroy and Garcia interest to visit the exhibition of this Omega. The exhibition not only offers insight into the Omega brand of opportunity for visitors, but also focus on presenting the Omega PGA Championship and the Olympic Games as the official timing of extraordinary significance.
The two golf superstars continue to visit the “Omega Olympic glory moment” exhibition, a lot of great historical significance timer brilliant debut in the exhibition, including the first timer Omega early 1932 once used as the Olympic timing and so on; two players also Omega celebrated in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games countdown, then, Omega will honor the 27th Olympic Games as the official timing, golf project will also be an absence of more than a century after the return to the Olympic Games.
McIlroy and Garcia were left on the personal and exclusive Omega exhibition “Stamp” – were their photographs in the exhibition hall walls signatures and met the media.
97th PGA Championship is the last Grand Slam this year, this exciting golf tournament on August 10 to August 16 was held. The world’s top golfers, the same time as the Omega celebrity ambassadors McIlroy, Garcia and Harris • Bill English (Harris English) will compete for the tournament Wanamaker Trophy (Wanamaker Trophy) and the US PGA Championship title. Omega PGA Championship as an official sponsor, has served five consecutive official timing of the event. Omega historic collaboration with the PGA of America will continue into 2022.
• Rory McIlroy as Omega celebrity ambassadors since 2013, he worked in South Carolina state Kiawah Island (Kiawah Island, SC) held in 2012 and last year’s PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky (Louisville, KY) held PGA Championship won the championship in 2014. • Sergio Garcia served since 2003. Omega celebrity ambassadors, had won the 1999 PGA Championship runner-up, a career Communist Party won more than 25 titles.
• Omega celebrity ambassadors Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia jointly unveiled • Omega 2015 US PGA Championship exhibition
01. Top golfer, Omega celebrity ambassadors • Rory McIlroy (left), • Sergio Garcia (right) and Vice President of Omega and global sales director, a member of the Swatch Group extended Management Committee An Shiwen Mr. (middle) together for at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin Sheboygan held Omega 2015 PGA Championship exhibition to help cut the ribbon.
• Omega celebrity ambassadors Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia jointly unveiled • Omega 2015 US PGA Championship exhibition
• 02. Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia and Vice President • Omega and global sales director, a member of the Swatch Group Management Committee, Mr. An Shiwen extended visit with Omega 2015 PGA Championship exhibition.
• Omega celebrity ambassadors Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia jointly unveiled • Omega 2015 US PGA Championship exhibition
03. the world’s top-ranked golfer, Omega celebrity ambassadors • Rory McIlroy is the tournament’s defending champion, in the Omega 2015 PGA Championship exhibition of photographs on the wall signature.
• Omega celebrity ambassadors Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia jointly unveiled • Omega 2015 US PGA Championship exhibition
04. World No. 10 golfers, as Omega celebrity ambassadors since 2003. • Sergio Garcia at the 2015 PGA Championship OMEGA exhibition of photographs on the wall signature.
• Omega celebrity ambassadors Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia jointly unveiled • Omega 2015 US PGA Championship exhibition
05. Top golfer, Omega celebrity ambassadors • Rory McIlroy, • Sergio Garcia, vice president and director of worldwide sales and Omega, Swatch Group extended Management Board member, Mr. An Shiwen together in the 2015 Omega US PGA Championship exhibition accept media interviews.

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Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watch

Rolex replica introduced at the 2015 Baselworld three Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster log pearl lady type of new watch, equipped with the new 39 mm case. Each 18ct gold or white gold watches are clever fusion of watchmaking Rolex, as well as the charm of gold and colored gemstones.

For many diehard fans of Rolex replica watches, Rolex  replica represents the highest development of watchmaking: plain, tough, high-precision, and absolute uncompromising attitude to quality, but absolutely no frills. For example, they Submariner lightning needle deep Heidi Daytona filled fanaticism, relatively noble metal material DAY-felt reluctantly accepted.
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A large French advertising Seguela who  Sarkozy defended the luxury-loving, said: “He has a Rolex and how we can not blame him if everyone has the Rolex you years to 50 years old, not yet… a Rolex gold watch, then your life is clearly a failure. ”
Precious stone timepieces masterpiece – Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watch
Rolex replica is not the only tool type watches, Rolex fake watches brand is Switzerland’s largest precious metals (gold, platinum, etc.) consumer manufacturers, diamond Rolex amount of annual consumption in the home market is also Belgian diamond row number. Like a coin has two sides, inlaid jewelry Rolex gold watch is, we know Rolex luxury side.
Precious stone timepieces masterpiece – Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watch
New Pearlmaster log pearl lady type Datejust use with the same shape of the case, but there are three changes: gold funds with orange – gold sapphire ring, gold funds with blue – green sapphire ring, white gold with pink – blue sapphire ring; each variation also has a matching dial. Sapphire bezel around the presentation rainbow color gradient progressive, each sapphire was cut into a trapezoidal shape, making them completely uniform fit together to form a continuous color around the watch face ring. The sapphire is set perfectly and meticulously selected color. Each watch is also equipped with a sunburst dial one of three colors: red grapes, olive green, and Cognac.
Precious stone timepieces masterpiece – Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watch
Exquisite gem mosaics
Jewelry used on watch, very demanding. First, get any type of high-quality  replica watches uk gems generally involve a certain amount of waste. Finished gemstones may eventually lose fifty percent of the original stone weight. Watches and clocks, custom jewelry, especially merciless, because the watch on the size and shape of the absolute gems require very precise.
When you are gem color is required, the second major challenge emerged. Very high-quality colored gemstones are hard enough to find itself; and the new Pearlmaster log pearl lady type actually have accurate color gradient gem – must have a specific color and a specific color saturation completely correct combination to make a color gradient effect seamless ʱ?? Undoubtedly, you have to like the hill from piled stones in order to choose the right gradient color stones.
Precious stone timepieces masterpiece – Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watch
The new rolex 3235 movement replica watches
replica watches uk
New Pearlmaster log pearl ladies watch also uses a new type of Rolex 3235 movement – which is a technologically advanced mechanism, with the Rolex replica watches uk new Chronergy escapement – a lever escapement, with optimized geometry, allow about 15 Increase% of energy delivered (DAY-new movement is 3255, however, they are basically the same as with the 3235, 3235 omitted week round). The movement is a COSC-certified movement Observatory, has also adopted its own internal standard Rolex chronometer, power reserve has increased to 70 hours; and other advanced movement techniques are: Patent blue gossamer Parachrom on Breguet around, Fa code free sprung balance wheel, and so on.
Precious stone timepieces masterpiece – Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watch
Precious stone timepieces masterpiece – Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watch
I personally think that is a kind of mosaic jewelry craftsman art, like the movement of the decorative polished in general, be able to watch a lot by Lai,
New Rolex Pearlmaster log pearl lady type 39 mm watches Rolex timepiece precious stone masterpiece, the only obstacle is the price: the gold and blue-green gradient models, $ 77,250. Gold and orange gradient models, $ 74,650. Platinum and blue brown gradient models, $ 87,250. For additional details, please visit :

Rolex explorer type II216570 Reviews

Rolex replica explorer type II216570, along with snorkeling, Greenwich type and Datejust replica watches, composed of the most popular styles of watches fake Rolex. The explorer type, and other models, is introduced late 1950s; unlike other models, which currently has two models, are very popular, but there are big differences. The first Rolex explorer type, 39 mm, is closest to the original version, and Explorer II size 42 mm, more in tune with modern tastes. In this article, I commented that the emperor explorer type II. Although all Rolex explorer type is a solid tool type watches, in this review, I did not wear it to roam the mountains on foot, replaced by modern exploration. I tell are based in Asia, a month long journey to explore a distant land, an ancient nation, and the fascinating culture of the country: China.

First, the earliest explorers Rolex replica uk type wristwatch designed for exploration, especially land and explore new and diverse terrain. Today, Casio PROTREK or similar solar-powered multi-functional watches will provide better service when you are distant trek, in the early 1950s and 1960s, when the real polar exploration and the start of the World Summit, has not yet quartz table exists. Even today, if you’re trying to explore the Earth’s magnetic poles or climbing. Such as Everest, compared with the quartz watch Rolex replica watches explorer type may still be a better choice, when exposed to high and low temperatures as well as dependence on external resources, power more easily damaged. However, Rolex Explorer II can be guaranteed to work, even under extreme temperature gradient and no power state, in addition to wear it every day or on the chain.
So, when I was with the Rolex Explorer II together, “expedition”, I did not take it to the extreme environmental conditions, but take it to a typical modern travel, including airports, business meetings, business travel, gym, as well as other countries. In these cases, we did not feel the Rolex Explorer II with misfits.

At the airport, the first is to set up local and home time PDT. After the plane took off an accurate GMT know, just pull out the crown and move forward to Beijing about eight time zones. Interestingly, unlike many large countries, China has only one time zone! If you are in the eastern or western China, and only one GMT. This is very suitable for business, although I imagine there are unique experiences from China in the past year depends on people living in China’s eastern and western regions.
Rolex explorer type II216570 Reviews
Concerning Rolex sports watch, especially in the modern version, the most magical and powerful is that they tend to be multipurpose. That is, they are specially designed to fit the business, leisure and very sporty watches occasions. Therefore, the meeting of various organizations during the visit I participated on a month, never wear any other watches, Fake Rolex Explorer II really wild.

If you want to attend a formal occasion, its masculine 42 mm stainless steel housing (waterproof up to 100 m) can be is minor, because the watch thickness of 12 mm. However, for me, is not the case, it is with all of my shirt all complement each other, even in the depths of winter in Beijing cold at night wearing a sports jacket as well.

In addition to Beijing to relax, I think the most suitable Rolex Explorer II is a place, a half-day trip to the Great Wall. First of all, the Great Wall of unique, magnificent, ancient lingering. Walls is a major part of the city walls, with an average height of 7.8 meters, such as snake winding through the mountains, he had to withstand the Mongol invasion. The Great Wall is considered one of the seven wonders of the world, is the only man-made structure visible from outer space.

We went to the Great Wall of part roller-coaster ride through the mountains and the city walls hundreds of feet. But to that, very interesting. Depending on your fitness level and exhausted before time, you can easily walk and climb to thousands of miles. I climbed at least four towers, and from about 10 kilometers. Oh, I just realized the full triathlon less than a year, and if so how bad this?
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Of course, the Rolex Explorer II without any problems when climbing the Great Wall, but my knees, my feet are very tired because of walking and climbing. And I was also carrying my digital SLR camera, or when you want to stop, breathe, take some vast landscape photos. In fine weather, you can continue to walk for miles. Rolex Explorer II white face plate always like solid bright. After a hard day of sunshine hiking, I easily bracelet extends 5 mm to relax my wrist.
Rolex explorer type II216570 Reviews
Like many modern sports watch like Rolex, Rolex Explorer II is equipped with modern Oyster bracelet (like the Submariner), comfortable and high quality. Rolex strap, as strap, like all well-designed, adjustable length. Oyster bracelet with safety buckle prevents accidental opening of this, as well as easy to tune can be easily extended links. Rolex wearer can use this unique ingenious device, the strap extend approximately 5 mm, in any case feel comfortable.

Rolex Explorer II with a Rolex 3187 movement, super accurate (because it is the same for all Rolex watches have been a COSC chronometer certification), and easy to use. It also comes with Rolex help improve earthquake-resistant watch PARAFLEX cushioning device, as well as the brand’s Parachrom shielded gossamer, effectively preventing the watch had been violated in extreme environmental conditions or shock. Large orange GMT pointer to 24 hours on a scale black bezel, easy to read and read.
Rolex explorer type II216570 Reviews
Rolex “Benz” clockwise (originally designed to be completely different the minute hand, is easy to read), and the minute hand is greater than brand Submariner or GMT type II, is also more distinctive bold. In addition, the use of the black side markers and fill blue Chromalight luminous coating, while other models are usually 18k platinum Rolex. Looks quite unique selling Rolex Rolex Explorer II models are collectors given “maxi- pointer” nickname. The rest of the dial is the iconic white “pop” of color with a basic outline with black marker and hour markers (round), which constitutes a unique – and legible – maxi dial.
Rolex explorer type II216570 Reviews
At the same time there is a clear classic Rolex Oyster case, an anti-reflective coating sapphire magnifying glass, and the famous Rolex replica dial, explorer II less common compared with snorkeling and GMT masterII, if you want to have a solid famous sports watch Rolex it is easy to make it more mysterious and interesting – so it is a little during the day you see someone wearing a watch. In fact, during my visit China, I found only one person wearing a Rolex explorer type II (black dial), but saw a myriad of other Rolex sports watch models.
Rolex explorer type II216570 Reviews
Rolex explorer type II216570 Reviews
Thus, although the Rolex explorer type II216570 is not necessarily my favorite Rolex stainless steel sports replica watches uk, it is the size of large, easy to wear, and I did not go out very often common to, I need a modern multi-functional watches, in business, leisure, or motion of the occasion can be worn – and it is not common. An exact reason is the Rolex Explorer II is great I explore China’s land, and travel special place in the permanent collections is an important companion. Rolex explorer type II216570 price of $ 8,100.

2015 ‘Only Watch’ charity auction five watches

Every two years, the biggest names in the replica watches  industry meet “Only Watch” — a charity auction held in Monaco, whose purpose is to raise five million euros for research for muscular dystrophy but it would certainly create a new record today, he was transferred to Geneva, under the supervision and direction of Aurel Bacs, chaired by Phillips watches sector. Here are five unique pieces, we believe will make a significant contribution to:

replica watches uk
1. Patek Philippe REF. 5016A-010
2015 “Only Watch” charity auction five watches auction
Patek Philippe replica watches uk auction record auction Only Watch is always the case. Two years ago, the luxury watch brand titanium models sold for just under € 3 million 5004. This year, the brand is once again with special materials — steel section 5016 watch, steel Patek this material is rarely used, unlike most brands, which means that this watch will definitely be sought after by collectors. Who can resist the deep blue dial PP it?

2. Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art maestro mechanical mechanical watches openwork Loudiao
2015 “Only Watch” charity auction five watches auction
No hollow eve as Vacheron Constantin replica watches. The maestro of brand Machine Heads openwork Loudiao mechanical watch, known as the best interpretation of the hollow fine is one of the most classic brand fake watches. Last year launched a watch with blue enamel ring, maestro Machine Heads openwork Loudiao mechanical watches and rapid return, this time with a deep red enamel bezel, has the words “Only Watch”. Missed the last paragraph of the Blue Circle of friends of December 7 auction.

3. XXI 3813 Platinum models Breguet TYPE
2015 “Only Watch” charity auction five watches auction
These are the replica watches of the Only Watch drivers rare retro style. The weird and wonderful style! Breguet decided to launch a platinum type XXI 3813 must participate in the auction. The watch features a flyback function, allowing synchronization mabiao time zero and graceful restart. Its fine texture and a legible line gives it a certain winner.

4 Only Watch Hublot Classic Fusion watches Brito
After Hublot launched a classic fusion of enamel after only a few months Brito watches, Hublot replica watches uk and its partners launched the Brazilian artist Romero Britto • second gold watches. And this conventional melting Only Watch Brito look even more dynamic than the original. This time, “partitions” or cells were cut, revealing “words Only Watch” next to the signature of the artist, at the 3 o’clock position. This is the first time the watch with Brito original artwork signed For Sale. definitely value for money.

5. WATCH Athens only foreign strange watches
2015 “Only Watch” charity auction five watches
Athens foreigners look over the years has been to play a number of musical melodies, including Frank Sinatra • “Stanger in the night” and Vivaldi’s “E Major Violin Concerto.” Only Watch 2015 Athens, specially built a new watch unknown, its melody is king “We Are the Champions.” His black titanium case and red leaves reflects the mood of the music.

Rolex Milgauss first anti-magnetic watch production in the 1950s and the Ref.6541 Ref.6543. These replica watches uk are relatively rare and precious crown, as in the past five years are based on the manufacture of anti-magnetic watch anti-magnetic watch as the previous model. Similarly, the Rolex Milgauss watch as well. I really like a watch has five years, but always because of this reason or missed the start, until now, I can give my Milgauss1019 watch to make a preliminary “review.”
This Milgauss1019 is produced by Rolex replica uk in 1960, according to the reference terms, we can say it is the first anti-magnetic watch. Anti-magnetic watch Milguass original production targets it is clear that those professionals and scientists, in order to be able to play a role in special working environment (such as laboratories, power plants), and these potential factors on the accuracy of the watch the impact is obvious. To solve this problem, Milgauss watch anti-magnetic alloy material and the use of shielded shielded movement device, making the watch in a magnetic field can be relatively strong in the field of protection of watches from magnetic interference. In 1960, there is such a report in the newspaper, summed up in the doctors, nurses, masseurs, laboratory staff and other industries would be more and more use watch. Consider the following ad now!
rolex replica uk
Most of the Rolex replica watches will have some specific audience, like diving watch, Explorer Series, GMT, sea drive-series watch, these different styles of watches have a certain watch lost. At the same time, each one has its own adventure watch representatives, like James Bond, SAS, Everest, pilots, deep one, Paul Newman and racing like. Yes, it is easy to see why it is so firmly Rolex fans eyeball surface. Like Sub, GMT or Daytona watch worn on the hand, then you feel there is a sense of magic, but shielded Milgauss Rolex watch but has a different feeling, in the final analysis is to buy anti-magnetic watch Milgauss people feel no general

Omega Seamaster glory release “Rio 2016″

2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the first anniversary of the opening of the countdown. Until then, the best athletes in the world will meet in Brazil to participate in this international sporting event. With the seconds ticking beat, Omega replica uk (Omega) Seamaster Table Tau “Rio 2016″ limited edition Glory out. This Omega watch when classical tradition of excellence in terms of style, a mix of most of the functions of professional and precise timing, but to make a wonderful interpretation of the spirit of sport.
omega replica uk
Omega replica watches as a new member of the Olympic family, the new replica watches Seamaster Tau “Rio 2016″ will make people heart. At first glance, you can identify the original single design style models Tau. Blue leather strap with the official emblem of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games main colors of the same strain, exquisite workmanship, originality. Strap yellow, green, red and black ingenious fashion replica watches, reminiscent of the classic Olympic rings logo. In addition, within 60 minutes bezel as colorful make, and solidarity represented by the Olympic rings in rotation, integrate Italian cross echoes the harmony, highlighting the Omega watch on the details of the mind.

The new table Seamaster Tau “Rio 2016″ is closely linked to the long history of watchmaking and Omega sport. In 1969, with the original design of the Minotaur table available, this rolex replica watches was the first rally driver to measure lap. Today, the spirit of competition has evolved into Omega has long been used as a perfect example of the Olympic Games official timer.

Table Tau “Rio 2016″ followed many classic  rolex replica uk elements of the series, with central chronograph hand, and the 12 o’clock position with 30 minutes chronograph dial. “Tau” is also a source of very interesting, because the watch that looks like “cow”, collectors will love this design that will look at this word as a nickname. Undoubtedly, when the Count Pierre represented the spirit of this pioneer and excellence Omega will again blooming splendor in the Olympics next year.

The new Tau Omega fake watches Seamaster watch, “Rio 2016″ limited edition Olympic Games opening countdown to the first anniversary of the introduction of the limit of 316 worldwide. This figure commemorative limited edition is golf in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, for the third time an official Olympic sport.
Olympic Countdown, Tau Omega Seamaster glory form of release “Rio 2016″
This watch is powered by the exclusive Omega Co-Axial caliber 3113, and engraved on the back of the replica watch in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro logo Olympic Games no doubt will become the heart of many collectors love watches. “Competition” in the corner, Omega, by virtue of its superior quality standards located winning watchmaking.
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